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About Us

We care about safety  each and everyone

NGO "Safe Space"  carries out activities in the field of prevention and countermeasures against domestic and gender-based violence; observance of human rights and gender equality; establishment of interaction between the public and the security and defense sector on the basis of partnership in order to restore security in communities.

We created and improved the work of the Public Advisory Group for Countering Anti-Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism in the Zaporizhzhia Region, which includes the National Police, Patrol Police, social and specialized services, public organizations, representatives of authorities and local self-government bodies.

NGO "Safe Space" is a member of the regional working group on the localization of the action plan for the implementation of the agenda of Resolution No. 1325 of the UN Security Council "Women Peace Bezpeka"

NGO "Safe Space" is the initiator of the creation of a regional working group for responding to cases of conflict-related sexual violence (SNPK)

We Support

For victims of violence, we have created a safety hub - Community Safety Hub - where everyone can receive qualified psychological support and assistance, legal advice and assistance.

Community Safety Hub is a safe place to help those who need it. 


Community Safety Hub is an interaction between the public, authorities and the security and defense sector. We   provide technical and expert assistance to the police, organizationsto local self-government, service and specialized  organizations, supporting and developing their ability to combat violence. 

We are guided by the principles of trust, partnership and confidentiality.


Safe with us!

Meet The Team

Our partners

PACT Ukraine
Care Ukraine
Ukrainian Women's Fund, UWF
Police Stabilization Project, PSP
Десяте Квітня
Гендер Зед
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